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Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate
The Official Home Page of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III
Arabic El-Keraza Magazine Direct from the Coptic Papal Residence
H. H. Pope Shenouda III Silver Jubilee
The Holy Family in Egypt

Coptic Orthodox Dioceses
The Coptic Orthodox Church
Diocese of Southern United States
Diocese of Los Angeles
Diocese of the British Orthodox Church
Diocese of Melbourne, Australia
Diocese of Shoubra El-Kheima - Egypt
Diocese of Port Said - Egypt
Coptic Orthodox Church in the Netherlands

Coptic Orthodox Monasteries
St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Monastery, California
St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Monastery, Kroeffelbach, Germany

Coptic Resources
The Christian Coptic Orthodox Network Archives
The Coptic Liturgy of Saint Basil
The Coptic Book of Hourly Prayers (Agpeya)
The Alhan (Hymns) Website
Coptic Language

Coptic Bible
Coptologia Journal Archives
Coptic Church Review (Quarterly Publication)
Sayings of the Church

Christian Resources
St. Pachomius Library of Patristic Texts
Historic Documents of the Church
Writings of Early Church Fathers
Guide to Early Church Documents
The Church Fathers Home Page

Biblical Resources
Arabic Bible Download

The Holy Bible Website
King James Bible
Bible Search

Verse of the Day
Bible Games

Coptic Orthodox Societies
St. Mark Foundation for Coptic History Studies

St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society
International Association for Coptic Studies
Coptic Orthodox Publication & Translation (COPT)
Coptic Orthodox Electronic Publishing - Australia -(COEPA)
ESMOU Home Page

Coptic Orthodox Youth Links
The Bishopric of Youth - His Grace Bishop Moussa
Contemporary Copt Youth Corner - Archdiocese of North America
UCLA Coptic Club

The Coptic Youth in Germany
Coptic Student Association - University of Texas- Austin
Cal Poly Pomono Coptic Orthodox Christian Club
Victorian Coptic Orthodox Youth Association - Australia (VCOYA)
St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church - London, U.K. Youth Magazine
The Shepherd's Voice Magazine (Sot El - Rayee)

Links to Other Coptic Orthodox Churches
In the Midwest U.S.A.

St. Mina & St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church, Miamisburg, Ohio
St. Mary & St. Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church, St. Louis, Missouri
St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Rochester, New York
St. Mark & St. Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church, Chicago, Illinois
Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Chicago, Illinois
St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Kansas City, Kansas
St. Mary & St. George Coptic Orthodox Church, Omaha, Nebraska

St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Troy, Michigan
St. Mary & St. Antonious Coptic Orthodox Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Miscellaneous Links
Pope Shenouda III Coptic Orthodox Theological Seminary, Los Angeles, California
St. Athanasius Careers Classes
The Coptic Museum
Odyssey in Egypt
The Scriptorium: Center for Christian Antiquities
The Pope Kyrillos VI Page
Fr. Tadros Malaty's Homepage
World Council of Churches
National Council of the Churches in Christ

Books Online
St. Athanasius on the Incarnation
Some of the Books by Fr. Tadros Yacoub Malaty
Milestones of Kingdom Way by H. G. Bishop Moussa
Come to Me by Fr. Takla Azmy
The Nature of Christ by H. H. Pope Shenouda III
St. Mark the Evangelist by H. H. Pope Shenouda III
Youth & Family Life by H. G. Bishop Moussa


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